High Quality Greenhouses
Fully fitted by experts with 20+ years experience
Over 4,000 successful installs


As a company we strive to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. This includes:
using fuel efficient vehicles and planning our work and journeys to avoid unnecessary travelling, therefore minimizing fuel usage and co2 emissions taking pride in the minimal amount of waste produced whilst undertaking building and landscaping work; accurate ordering is essential, and we re-use materials on site wherever possible removing unused materials left over on completion of a job from site to be used elsewhere. Waste (from removal of old structures for example) is separated for recycling recycling packaging wherever possible- this is usually best done through clients kerbside collections i.e. cardboard, paper and sometimes plastic shrink wrap can be recycled this way. Bulk bags are re-used or returned to suppliers for recycling.


Aluminium used for greenhouse manufacture, although energy intensive to produce from ore, is easily recycled therefore in the long term can be considered an environmentally friendly construction material. About 75% of all aluminium ever produced is in use, continually being recycled into new products.


Traditionally timber greenhouses were manufactured from resinous softwoods such as pitch pine; nowadays most timber greenhouses are manufactured from western red cedar, in part due to its availability, but also its naturally occurring oils which make it resistant to rot and decay. All timber greenhouses we supply are built from PEFC certified timber.