High Quality Greenhouses
Fully fitted by experts with 20+ years experience
Over 4,000 successful installs

About Us

We have a simple motto at Greenhouse in Scotland.  There’s the fast way, the cheap way and then there is our way.  We only fit high quality greenhouses and when we fit them, we fit them to last.  A greenhouse is not just for summer, it is there to last the years ahead.

We have been fitting greenhouses in Scotland for over 20 years and in those 7,300+ days we have proudly fitted over 4,000 high quality greenhouses in styles ranging from Aluminum framed units to Potting New Greenhouses, Orangery New Greenhouses and everything in between.

Our reputation has seen us build a strong following from extremely happy customers who have referred and recommended us repeatedly to others over the years.  From base work to construction, we handle it all which means you can sit back and relax knowing that soon you will be able to sit back and relax (again) in your new greenhouse.

What you need to know about us is that we promise to do the job properly so that whatever style of greenhouse you are after, you get the greenhouse that you are after.

Oh and just before you go and discover the whole range of greenhouses we can fit, we should just let you know that all the pictures of greenhouses on this site have been installed by us.